There is a love

That will not die:


Kind of like

The truth no

One knows-

Which either

Eats you or

Flows through

Your blood

Like Mary Jane

And her passing

You scented



No one tells you

Your rights and


And you are

Left to make

Sense of why you

Even look for answers

In people

And of the odor

Of Nicotianas,

After dusk.


When words made

You comfortable

To open someone and

Look through their skin

And your showering

Of animosity

Towards them

Was really that

You couldn’t handle

Your colder parts-

Your perennial


There is a love

That will not die:

When you’re not sure

Whether to

Serve your memories

Or make new ones.

Next Wednesday, the

Fragrance will blend

In my surroundings;

Almost like a part

Of it, my heart,

My Gardenias and

I am going to be

A lustful scent.


No, love is not my enemy:

It is my wound:

So don’t tell me how to love

And how I should pick myself up-

You only see

What you see in yourself.

~Maryum Khalid~

13 thoughts on “There is a love

      1. Ohh..a death. I’m sorry.

        “I had my own notion of grief.
        I thought it was a sad time that followed the death of someone you love.
        And you had to push through it
        To get to the other side.
        But I’m learning there is no other side.
        There is no pushing through.
        But rather,
        There is absorption.
        And grief is not something that you complete.
        But rather you endure.
        Grief is not a task to finish, and move on,
        But an element of yourself’
        An alteration of your being.
        A new way of seeing.
        A new definition of self”.

        Kind regards.

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      2. Yes, you are amazing and in touch. I am trying to make it a celebration of a beautiful life. It was my mom, and she really did live life beautifully. So, as sad as I am, I know she couldn’t be here forever and she had a really good and healthy life until the end and left a large legacy of family and friends to carry on her kindness and wisdom. But I miss her , of course. Thanks for your kind words too, I appreciate you. ❤


      3. Wow…mom…I can only say that’s tough but don’t know how it can truly feel 💔
        I cannot comprehend the emptiness yet the fullness you must have in your heart right now…

        Yes, a celebration for a beautiful soul 🌸💜🌸💜

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