Flowers don’t doubt

Bees’ loyalty and honesty

As they take food

(And fly back home)

And suck out the sugars from their souls-

Both are at peace.

I needed you to believe me then.

But your insidious tongue

Forgot you decided to give birth to me

When things got hard.

Flowers bloom on and off

But never forget to scent the atmosphere.

You can close your doors

But your mind will never rest.

I stuck with my promise and reached the end of it

(conquered the winter solstice

And the demons that came with it).

~Maryum Khalid~


Sarah Phelps

6 thoughts on “Flowers don’t

  1. Oh My, I really loved your thoughts in this piece – especially your lines “Flowers don’t doubt

    Bees’ loyalty and honesty”. Wow, what insight and wisdom from looking at something in a different way or angle! So beautiful!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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