My daughter does not deserve

To have you pick at her skin

Where you promised you

Were growing a garden

(What exactly were those seeds?)

There will be no reconciliation

Where you did not water

Her beautiful virtues-

(you were actually an imposter and stranger

With your broken and troubling vices)-

And the raw organs she continued to

Commit to you

(Not all wickedness is seen).

Your false flags showing

You conquered her land

Can burn with your lies:

Your highs and lows

Show now with the truth


(and the battle begins).

You will not take her soil/

You will not breed with her perfect seeds.

My daughter gives to love and life

You, to hate and defeat.

My daughter deserves

The waves of the ocean/

the beams of the well- rounded sun/

Sparkles of sanctity on her skin

And faith embedded in every part of her body.

~Maryum Khalid~

Artist Jean- Michel Bihorel


6 thoughts on “My daughter deserves

  1. Yes, your daughter deserves. written using the garden metaphorically. The seeds that will be planted. your word selection help paint the picture. This poem is a seed of life for your daughter. thanks for sharing. If it must be said, some biological parents needs to stay out of the child life. Especially, if they have not the heart nor mind to love, protect and nurture.

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