wow…sad truth but strong outcome

All of those moments. When they thought you were too different from “them”. When they called you a “terrorist”. When they swore at you. When they deliberately pushed you. When in front of the entire class your teacher asked you if the men in your life hurt you and forced you to cover. When they […]

via Reflection: Stay true to yourself — rabiateaches

4 thoughts on “Reflection: Stay true to yourself — rabiateaches

  1. People are foolish. What they don’t understand. They struggle against. You can’t allow it. Give them a proper education my friend. We need to befriend the unknown and try to understand the other people near.

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      1. We must respect all people. I agree my friend. I live in Detroit. Biggest population of Arabic people. You see old school ways and the new ways. Cultures and people change. You at right. We need to lead with concern, kindness and learn to listen.

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