The artist in me:

I left your place

Feeling smaller, mostly every time;

Lesser and lesser

Of what it is meant

To be human.

It took me more than a decade

And all the atrocities

To finally figure out

That is not okay.

It was no accident;

No I didn’t make a mistake-

A poor choice,

Some disturbed and distorted

Use of love and understanding-

Some pseudo- stability-

That although somehow experienced,

You dissociate from.

It was the first time

I had the last word.

And it was a good feeling.

Fall and winter

Were spent alone surprisingly;

The train always arriving on time,

Myself looking for passengers,

Anything for souls and love.

So it goes:

“A house is made of

Bricks and beams

A home is made of

Love and dreams”.

Get out of my home

And stay out.

Now at my eclipse,

Feeling ample, mostly every time:

I want to love in silence,

Silently in the night

Like Venus twirling around

In and around the universe-

Dancing harmonies towards

The other sparkling entities,

stroking gently, Kindly,

Living to be human:

The artist in me.

~ By Maryum Khalid ~

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