In my current universes,
At the time,
You decided one day
It was safer to be visibly absent.
But the forever of promises
Don’t quite forget;
And the algorithms calculated your
Inaction as action.
You can never really find home again:
I was looking for peace
You brought me torture
Served in exquisite arrangements-
5- star dining, gold- coated entrees,
Terribly mimicking the universe.
Floating outside of existence-
What paradigms, alternate realities, wavelengths and frequencies
I walk in alone;
Peaceful and lonely.
I should have never opened the door
And after all,
I think you didn’t really know me;
There are so many doors:
No frequencies welcoming you:
Crawling or running,
Low frequencies or high frequencies,
Your attempts at fierce amplitudes:
Your energy is merely mortal:
No potential to any one of my paradigms.
~By Maryum Khalid~

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