“The wound is the place where the Light enters you” (Rumi).


I like you

I like you.

I like you.

I like you.

I like the way your fingers move

As you lift your hair,

Away from your neck.

I like the fragile thinness

Of your wrists

As your hands move

To comfort me, late at night.

I like the arch of your


As I think about

The way our child

May resemble you.

I like the way your

Waist sways

As you tip- toe at night

To keep me from waking.

I like the way

You are still,

Taking time to fall asleep

And when you do

I like your sudden moves.

Your being restores my senses.

What you touch.

The way you look at things.

The tastes you create.

In the fragrances of your beauty.

Your life reassures my heart beat.

I like you.

I like you.

I like you.

~Maryum Khalid~

Venus, Mermaid

If you think I have lost it

let the mermaid, Venus,

Showering in her modest vanity,

Tell you my story:

Late that night,

I wrote on your beautiful soul.

Sure, I painted with blood,

But still with the clock ticking,

The strokes created profound

Meaning for our ruins,

An artistic masterpiece.

Then she chased me

Because the room was full

Of mirrors

And you admired yourself

So much,

You were willing to drown

Deep as the ocean,

Get past those sensual

Waves in the waters

And get to those voices of


Temptation and danger

Managed to overrule

The mesmerizing, elusive

Mystery in your heart.

Still, “don’t leave”,

I said.

Your dual nature,

Your melodious destruction

Of both our universes

Enchants me:

Because in your strangeness,

I still feel at home:

Yours is an unrivalled


Dearest mermaid.

~Maryum Khalid~


If you’re thrown these words everyday

You can become it.

A person is as good as their words.

Are you those words?


The moment you see your worth

You will know the words that matter.

~Maryum Khalid~

Requiem, At Dawn

A whole world of emotions in this writing..amazing

Insights from "Inside"

Inspired by the introductory post by A, G Diedericks on Sudden Denouement. Please be sure to read his brilliant writing.

you drowned in the well

incognizant, I dug

I was tunneling

to the dawn of us

through the purgatory

of your distance

my shovel struck bedrock

immutable, unyielding

flinty faux foundation

fossilized connection

deflected, I excavated


tapped a hole

in the banks of Styx

inundated our

sacred rooms

I drowned in the well

unwitting, you unearthed

you were scrambling

for safety

craving concealment

hunted wolf cub

covering its scat

you sought burrowed refuge

tang of your fear

hung heavy on my tongue

frantic scrabbling

furrowed a pit

your sorrows swelled

rivulets to raging

unheeding I fell

over the brink

our dawn

was a golden reveille

an estival serenade

summons to rapturous

dispelling of vernal chill

from glittering gems of dew

our dusk plummeted precipitously

arctic dirge

to autumnal…

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See the same

The world looks different

When I open my eyes:

I can only feel with my eyes closed

How eloquently father

Would walk me up the hill

And how difficult it was

For him to let me go each day;

Or how mother would serve

Dinner to a family she truly loved

On the same table where

Hours earlier, she had sat and

Let out a silent world of tears-

How authentically she expressed

She was a woman who

Wasn’t afraid to feel;

Or how sister and I

Would walk hand in hand to

The library together as if

We were born and had the same heart,

How prudent she was in

Picking books to read during the week,

Not aware that she would

Soon be abandoned by her other self,

Unable, for a lifetime, to find eye to eye

The same paramount connection

Of love, feeling and belonging;

You don’t know though

But I do experience glimpses

Of your symbolic mirrors

Juxtaposed clearly beside

Myself- awareness.

All these differences are perhaps

Equated to a beautiful gleam-

And I promise one day

We will see the same.

~Maryum Khalid~

Art by Nancy Standlee

Here we go

Wear all the diamonds

There are:

We are so in love-

The rings, the pearls,

The bed, the gold.

The way we are in love.

The only thing I’m good

At these days

Is giving you reasons

To fight with me

And making love to you.

I don’t love it

And I cannot be with you.

So here I go:

Unto myself.


Sweetheart, let me still

Take you with.

~Maryum Khalid~

The house is empty

The house is empty without you.

No more of you

Lighting candles after your shower.

No more of you

Opening and closing

The drawers looking for your lingerie.

No more of you

Adjusting yourself

Beside me for that comfort

You found in my arms in bed.

No more of you

Calling me and asking

About what I would like for dinner.

No more of you

Raising your displeasures

About that decision I made.

No more of you

Waiting to pick me up

At the train station.

Waiting to be.

It’s all still.

But the house is

Empty without you.

~Maryum Khalid~


When the waves

Come looking for you

(No, you were not the tenacious one),

Don’t give the impression

That I am your shore.

I tried for lifetimes

To convince you

To love me

(To love you).

Only I found

Time after time

You cannot call upon

And it is-

You must give

And let be,

Let it all be.

~Maryum Khalid~

On the waves of love

Edvard Munch