Over and Over

How it was pouring-
We were in absolute love.
Sometimes when I miss you 

It’s like suffocating and dying,

Over and over again. 
Now the tears fall 

Everything hits all at once. 

Captures me into 

An epileptic fit. 
But I can’t take my eyes 

Off that memory.
“I couldn’t always be with you. 

Some how-

Some where-

Some time-

You have got to do it 

On your own”.
It’s like someone sucking the 

Soul out of you. 

It goes away.

It comes back.
And though I think 

The capturing and attack 

Is done and I am free,

Every time I miss you,

I’ve lost myself again.
Over and over again. 
~Maryum Khalid~ 

Till Death

Another one I don't understand.
Week after week.
You seem only to spare me.

Some girl must have been
In love with you.
And I know love was on
Your mind too.
You must have thought of
Stories about the world.
And what you would be
Doing tomorrow.

I can't believe I had you
At one point.
And you knew how you
Looked at me-
It made me believe
We were living until
The end of this world.

Only, you left.
And we both had it all wrong.
Like throwing pebbles
One after another-
(Remember we used to go
To that park after class?).

You held yourself
While you continued to bleed
And my heart became irregular,
It could only skip beats.

It's like you can see through
These walls
And see this longing
In my heart
And body for you
Because you know exactly
When to come.

You know when I weep.
You know how it is:
Till death do us again.

~Maryum Khalid~

Delawer- Omar

Lady on the Street

Lady on the street,
I know your tears.
I know your fight for intimacy.
Lady on the street,
I hear your voice crying
You want to be heard.

Lady on the street,
I know you are waiting
On the world to change.
I can see all would be happy,
But lady on the street,
The good truth is
It's enough for you to change.

Lady on the street,
No matter what you do
(I know you do a lot)-
You'll only be fulfilled
With self appreciation
And understanding.
Lady, this is the deeper
Peace you search for.

Lady on the street,
I see you are shy-
Creating, dreaming.
Lady, I see you've learned
To be strong and bold,
All in your silence.

Lady on the street,
I know you're working
To be fearless
And in your way is
Intimidation and ego.
I know you can hear your soul,
Lady on the street,
I know you can hear you need
To have intention if you want to listen.

Lady on the street,
I know of your lost battles
And I see you now
Trying to take care of yourself:
Your beautiful vulnerability
Has come to awareness now-
Lady on the street,
Fall in love with your defeated self
And grow your existence.

Lady on the street,
I know you give, give, give
And push away
The gifts because you are hurt.
Lady, take time but
Eat to build your relationships
And see the world and speak to
What you are given.
Lady, I know you want
To learn from
Profound ideas
And enhance your souls.

Lady on the street,
I see you've chosen
To walk away.
I see you've gone away
From doubting yourself.
Lady, I know you're working
On forgiving yourself.
I feel your trust and promises;
You are your own asset.

Lady on the street,
I love you-
I love you because
You are not afraid of pain
And through this,
I see your strengths.

Lady on the street,
I love you because
Your self imagine is of
Confidence and respect.

~Maryum Khalid~

Photo by me.

The World

And what did he expect from you-
The world ?
And you gave it.

And now I think
You're following your heart.

And that my dear,
Is a crazy, phenomenal thing.

~Maryum Khalid~

Water lilies and the rebirth

Water lilies
and the rebirth:
Let's return to the growing, together.
I promise next time,
After the rain,
I'll let you in.

Then, you'll come home
And bind the both of us
In one.

And then my love,
We shall travel
To the city of love.

~Maryum Khalid~

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For The First Time

The last of me
Realized only time mattered:
Our first kiss.

The aching, the painful intensity,
The breaking in half
Only put everything in order.

For the first time,
You were the only one:
For the first time,
You were the last of me.

~Maryum Khalid~

Photo by me!


Afraid of losing you 
I aimed not to 

Create a bond 

Of attachment and love.
You looked at me, 
I kind of looked away. 

I don’t know why 

I wanted to 

Keep looking the other way.
It was different 

But you and I never knew

Today would be 

Your last day.
You went through me,

Looking for my smile-

And I did shyly 

Smile in my heart.
You left not just me,

A stranger,

But all those people 

You made smile 

(Their hearts smile) 

And left young,

Still working at life.

You made my smile bleed.

When I heard of your death-

My heart smiled still.

But because of your smile,

We all bleed.

~Maryum Khalid~

Photo by me 


She was afraid of remembering 

What he’d done to her- 

Afraid of change 

And having to grow into 

A person separate from 

What she had been since time- 

Afraid of disowning relationships 

That had once poured 

In the heart 

Feelings of deep love-

Afraid of moving beyond in life,

Knowing forgiving herself 

Or him 

Whichever, couldn’t be done.
I did come in and let her know 

It were possible: 

“Oh, I saw the whole world

Without you. 

And even then it felt so 


As my heart knew it would-

Of course you were there,

Along the way”.
She choose to love with 

No rejection:

In silence.

Then what did love mean?

Waves in the ocean- one 

Thing remained certain 

As the ocean never changed 

Its shape even though 

The feelings of the waves 

Went high, low. 
I told her that was

That something that 

Lights the fire within.
Swimming in the ocean waves 

She came to realize 

The new distance 

Was not killing her. 

It taught her 

To be okay with what

He had done to her.

And knowing this,

She could own him 

In peace.
One day I couldn’t stand her,

Couldn’t look her in the eye,

Couldn’t feel her. 

Then she looked into my 

Teary eyes,

And while making love

To my unconscious mind,

I let her be the 

Mother of my children 

And we even brought 

A home together.
And when she felt 

What she knew was 

Inside of her,

She waited and waited 

And waited 

For it to be perfect.

But she was afraid-

Of either herself 


For him.
But I told her 

Again and again 

To be brave like the ocean.

Even when my expectations 


I loved still,

Hardly revealing it. 

But it was simply too difficult 

For her to oversee the waves 

And the winds of grief.
~Maryum Khalid~ 

“The Distance” 

Laura Gomez 

Never Done 

Ninety-four weeks ago 
The heart was still sore.
You may have 

(Been done- it was never 

When you come to visit me 

Spread the red roses.
We were never done 

(Making love)-

We were never done 

Making love.

~Maryum Khalid~