About all Things 

I don’t know how you feel about me.
Maybe there is gentle desire.

Underneath that Earth of hate. 

I thought then,

That I would have that one regret:

Of not being able to take 

You out enough to 

Show you that world you 

Wanted to see;

In turn, for me, to witness

Those moments that

Last only a second in which 

Your soul shines of happiness.

I confess, I am a mess. 

Maybe the illusions I live in 

Are actual footsteps to 

Reality, a full circle. 

The world should not know me,

For I am life. 

Because even in the darkness 

Then, I deeply moved you- 

You are the same: when I came 

Then as I left you. 

I mean, it was the in between.

Those conditions which 

Were about eternity,

Surviving for love.

So life, is about all things.

~Maryum Khalid~ 

“Girl before a mirror” 

Pablo Picasso 

Reaching For it All 

I took no body’s word for it
To experience the thing about beauty- 

That was the thing:

It was my own.

Reunion felt like home 

But for me,

It came only with time- 

Much like a father,

Falling deeply in love

With his children. 

I realized life was 

Not a field of flowers

But that of nothingness-

For what was love 

When even if you gave 

Your soul to everything,

Still nothing could be kept 

Within a heart’s reach?

And then,

That was it-

We don’t talk about it.

We just are.

Just sure

About what this is.

What is to come.

For I have nothing to 

Hold on to 

And yet,

Nothing to let go of.

~Maryum Khalid~ 

Let Them Talk 

I’ve learned that people are going to talk. They are going to make promises, let you hear what you want to hear so you can stop talking. Playing with your life as if it’s monopoly; dominating your moves. It’s your life. But the choice is yours- you’ve let them. What actually are you letting them buy or trade your life for? Living the night life, dance in the city lights, put on that perfume that’s going to create nostalgia five years from now, visiting that place in your head when the both of you held hands on the mountaintop and felt so small, until your heart is bankrupt? You know the one losing, one kiss at a time, is your passionate self? What’s going to make a difference though is how much you are going to let them talk and how much you’re willing to listen to. All eyes look gentle before you confront and allow yourself to actually feel. 
~Maryum Khalid~ 

“He who commits injustice is ever made more wretched than he who suffers it” (Plato). 

She Had a Plan For me 

Darkness falls upon her mind 
But she had vowed to 

Relinquish her past. 

She saw in her eyes fear 

But in the same reflection,

There was sorrow.

What it sounds like is 

That I will do fine without you.

But what it is is that 

You gave me nothing

To hold on to. 

You broke my heart 

And left me like this 

When I believed there 

Was more to you 

Than I saw. 

And so,

Is this letting go?

I cannot bury you 

In a separate time 

That my own 

For unexpressed emotions 

Have their own toll on me.

But I will give and take 

By day and night.

There was a sign 

In my mind 

That showed me at my lowest,

There was no more below. 

And that was it- 

Even when everything 

Felt lost to me

And I felt myself 


Even then 

She had a plan 

For me.

~Maryum Khalid~ 

Mario Sanchez Nevado 

The Devil Itself 

The devil itself is in his infinite emptiness: 
He kisses or kills without a thought;

Wears a suit and tie on most days;

You won’t notice the disconnect between 

What he says 

And what he does and experiences in his mind 

Because he holds your hand like a lover’s should be held.
You become the victim 
Trapped in his righteous proclaimed love:

“I love you. I’ll take care of you”;

Not knowing your self- concept is drowning 

Every time you let him rape you and throw you on concrete.
But sweetheart 

You know how to love 

And now, how to love yourself.
You don’t crave the newly discovered 

world of his lies, 

deception and selfish, morally bankrupt love-

The reasons for him 

To throw you under the train 

Any day, in any brutal way 

To save his mighty angelic self- 
When you know 
You had a stranger in bed and 

Especially now that it all fits,

you sway with gentle understandings:
The relationship you have with yourself is called self- love.

You are home, you are safe,

The strength in your tears is your anchor,

My sweetheart,

You are beautiful, you are a sacred masterpiece.

And don’t let you crumble you again: 

You are your trust- fund;

You are complete on your own. 

~Maryum Khalid~ 

Mario Sanchez Nevado 

You Came in Shadows 

You came in shadows
And whispered in momentum 

To tell me to breathe 

And remind me 

Over and over:

Pain is just a feeling.

I have felt it.

One minute,

Everything is perfect.

And then within seconds

We are rushing away-

Pushing, shoving,

Emotions computed,

Loving, oh I promise,

Still loving. 

Oblivion does not fit me

And I am not complete 

But still, I am with you. 

You’ve left me open 

As you try to make

It right. 

But please. 


Please stop fighting 

And let the anger 

Enter its own dimension.

It’s the nostalgia- 

I am never as alive 

As I am with you. 

Your essence is 

The only story

That gives meaning

To my life. 

Everyday, you 

Unwrap me into 

Folds of knowing. 

Your delicate 


Will leave even 

Time in awe.

Overwhelmed yet inspired, 

We will find happiness 

When we stop 

Looking for it. 

~Maryum Khalid~ 

Soul Search 

In another world 
But not at a loss for 


I am restless, confused and 


At all the questions 

Suffocating my fragility. 
I don’t have 

All the answers. 

So I keep looking up 

At the stars. 

I know at best: 

Darkness is elucidated by light- 

And cannot live 

On its own. 

~Maryum Khalid~ 

George Frederic Watts, 1886